“Creating an effective outdoor sector network in Wales” Consultation

The consultation is to gather your views on ‘Creating an effective outdoor sector network in Wales’ and will look to build upon recommendations from the ‘Inspiring Through Adventure Conference’ (ITAC) held earlier this year by Natural Resources Wales, Sport Wales and Visit Wales. The key recommendations from that report and the basis for this consultation are about “Improving partnership working and cross sector communication” and “Strengthen the working relationship between the outdoor and health sectors” pan Wales.

Natural Resources Wales have commissioned the Wales Adventure Tourism Organisation (WATO) and The Outdoor Partnership (TOP) to conduct this consultation as they are already actively involved in bringing the sector together through the Outdoor Sector Six Key Principles and the ‘Natural Health & Enterprise’ recommendations report. (see attachments)

The focus of this consultation will be:

 – A review and clarification of the current definition of the ‘outdoor sector’ to clearly identify what the outdoor sector is and is not and make recommendations on how this brand can be developed.
 – What would an effective outdoor sector network for Wales that allows for both high level strategic development and regional/local delivery look like?
 – What would a work program for this network look like to maximise its ability to deliver the recommendations of ITAC sustainably and coherently.

This will be one of three stakeholder consultation events being held across Wales.

As key stakeholders with a vested interest in ‘creating an effective outdoor sector network for Wales’, WATO, TOP, and SWOAPG would welcome your input into this consultation.

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