Dinas / Sychryd Access Arrangements

Dinas Access

The Dinas Rock Venue is a heavily used site by Outdoor Activity Providers, as the Car Park here is a focus point for Gorge Walking, Climbing & Abseiling, Walking, Caving, etc. SWOAPG works closely with landowners and the local community in providing guidance to our members in the way they use the site, in the form of ‘Access Rules’ dealing with matters such as Litter, Parking, Noise and use of Changing areas:

The Dinas / Sychryd Code of Conduct Map and Guidelines can be downloaded here:

Reminder – the land on the southern side of the Sychryd gorge is privately owned and is not covered under the concordat. The landowner has asked that gorge walking and mine / cave exploration not take place on their land.

Reminder – the lane on the right (north) bank between the lower Mellte footbridge and Pontneddfechan Village Hall is privately owned and the owner has asked that gorge-walking groups must not use this lane.

Due to landslips in early 2023 the riverside path on the left (south) bank is now closed and may no longer be used by gorge-walking groups.

Dinas Rock Main Face Abseil

The use of the main face of Dinas Rock for abseiling with groups has long been a sensitive issue. Here is what you need to know:

  • Speak to any groups climbing on the slab and ensure that you will both be able to work safely before rigging. Although no one has a “right of way” here, an abseiling group can pose a significant risk to groups on the slab.
  • Use the new stakes that allow you to abseil from the left side (looking up). Do not use the eroded gully.
  • For large events you may need to give notice via the NRW regional office and discuss issues like visitor/spectator management and parking.
  • You may also want to inform other providers of a large event, this can be done via social media