Surfing at Caswell Bay

A license scheme for Surfing Providers for Caswell commenced on 1st January 2012 and a single-day Permit System started at the same time.

One of the areas SWOPAG have been active is in ensuring access to outdoor activity venues is maintained for the benefit of members across the South Wales region. The effectiveness of SWOAPG has been demonstrated in Swansea with the introduction, without consultation, of a permit scheme for surfing by the City Council at Caswell Bay.

When we became aware of this scheme we entered into dialogue with Swansea County Council about access to Caswell Beach for surfing. Early in 2011, they set up a license system for up to 3 Surf Providers and awarded a 3 year license to the only provider willing to apply for one. They then stated that no other delivery of surfing would be permitted. This was all agreed before SWOAPG was made aware of their intentions. Subsequently, SWOAPG representatives met with Swansea County Council and they agreed to set up an additional arrangement for our members, whereby they could book access via a low cost permit system and hence have permission to use the site.

In the longer term they would be willing to review the situation at Caswell, but that having gone through procurement and awarded a license to a surfing operator, they were not prepared to withdraw that scheme at this stage and so the permit system would have to stay in place for Caswell at this time. They also re-iterated that their motives for doing this were purely driven by concerns about safety due to potential over-use of a what is a relatively small site, especially during summertime.
The license scheme for Surfing Providers for Caswell commenced on 1st January 2012 and the single day Permit System started at the same time. They also agreed to review the situation before the end of the first year and arrange an open meeting for all interested parties to have an input…

Click here for information from the Swansea County Council Website and how to access the permit