This page contains information about paddlesport access arrangements that SWOAPG has been involved in negotiating:

Canoeing on Reservoirs Scheme

Access to selected Reservoirs of Bannau Brycheiniog National Park.

SWOAPG, working closely with BBNPA and DCWW, have developed a scheme that allows access to four reservoirs in the national park (Pontsticill, Pentwyn, Beacons and Usk) for Providers delivering Canoeing, Kayaking and SUP to Groups.

The Passport scheme allows access to Providers (and Clubs) if they sign up and purchase a Passport. The scheme is administered by BBNPA for DCWW, a charge is payable to cover the cost of administration.

This access arrangement supersedes any previous access agreements at these sites that may have been made with Outdoor Activity Providers.

Passports run from 1st April – 31st March

The cost of an annual Passport is ONLY £150 per year per organisation, or £190 for 2 passports issued to one organisation (These are not transferable between centres).

There is also the option to purchase 7 day passports which can be purchased for £70. You must register for the scheme and then notify BBNPA each time you are planning to use the sites so the total of days used can be administered correctly.

How to apply – full details can be found in the Passport Packs, available from or Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority (Reservoir Passport), Plas y Ffynnon, Cambrian Way, Brecon, Powys, LD3 7HP, or via the links below:

Guidance on filling out the Passport Application Form:

In accordance with with the requirements of the passport application the SWOAPG have produced a generic risk management plan which, if providers are working within the scope of this advice, will serve as the necessary paper work required for the passport to be granted.

If you have an AALA licence covering Canoeing/Kayaking/SUP on open water then just submit your AALA reference code on the form. You will need to place your insurance policy number and also expiry date as well as send a hard copy (scan or fax is also acceptable) with the form.

River Wye Glasbury to Hay

Launching of boats at Glasbury Bont is currently suspended (from 1 April 2021) while Powys County Council conducts a Habitat Regulations Assessment on the impact of canoeing on the river. This is a statutory process which is expected to take months to complete. SWOAPG is liaising with the Council to help them complete this process as quickly and smoothly as possible, but in the meantime we ask that Providers refrain from using this section of river, since this could jeopardise the process that the Council must go through and could make it much harder to persuade them that users are able to operate responsibly and sustainably in the long-term. None of us is happy with this situation, but we are convinced that this is the best course of action to protect our Members’ interests at this time.

A Code of Conduct is now in place for use of the River Wye between Glasbury and Hay. SWOAPG input into the consultation for this code to help create a “least restrictive” outcome.

The Code of Conduct document can be found here and contains all the information you need to know.

All enquires should be directed to Countryside Services, Powys County Council: 01597 827500 or

Arrangements for Providers using the launch & landing site at The Gliss in Hay-on-Wye

 Following a meeting with Hay Town Councillors in June 2021, SWOAPG agreed that we would on their behalf request all Providers to comply with the following arrangements, with immediate effect – on the understanding that access could be withdrawn or restricted by the Council if these simple measures don’t work:

  1. Please treat local residents, other users and the site with the respect they deserve (i.e. behave responsibly and sustainably!).
  2. Please do not arrive on site before 8.30am (no more dropping-off boats at 6am, please!).
  3. Please don’t leave vehicles in the ‘launch area’ (trailers without wheel-clamps are fine, since they can be manoeuvred manually out of the way by other users if necessary – maximum one trailer per Provider, please, but not attached to a vehicle!).
  4. Please park as few vehicles as possible on site – take your own vehicles away whenever you can; and ask your clients to park elsewhere (e.g. shuttle them from your own sites or ask them to use the town’s main car park).
  5. Providers do not have permission to ‘carry on business’ from the site (i.e. please use it only for drop-off and pick-up, not as a venue from which to operate hire business!).