Member Renewals & Gorge ID Cards – Update / Reminder

Many thanks to those of you who’ve already renewed your membership – if you’re not in the list of Our Members it means either that (a) you haven’t paid for this year’s Full Membership; (b) you’ve asked us not to publish your details; or (c) we’ve missed your payment somehow! (NB this list only shows Full, not Associate, Members).

And if you’re not listed in the table on our Gorge Walking site (or haven’t received your ID cards) it means in addition that either (a) you haven’t fully completed this year’s gorge sign-up (which you can only do once you’ve paid); or (b) we don’t have a record of your business / organisation having completed the 2023 Code of Conduct training course(s).

Most of these ‘issues’ can be fixed by the following self-service steps, but do feel free to contact us if you need assistance with any of these:

  1. Login to our website using your ‘provider’ account (for which you will have recently received a ‘welcome’ e-mail). NB Corporate Members, please don’t login for this purpose using ‘personal’ accounts, since these are intended just for accessing our online courses and the like – if you’re not sure which account to use, please drop us an e-mail.
  2. Check your details at Member Registration / Profile and amend as necessary.
  3. Visit Apply for Membership and select the appropriate membership plan and payment option (this page will also show your current membership status, where appropriate). NB the PayPal gateway doesn’t seem to like corporate cards, so if you have difficulty paying via this method just let us know and we’ll send you an invoice instead…
  4. Visit the Gorges Signup Form (only available to paid-up Full Members) and tick all the relevant boxes. If the information shown for completion of Code of Conduct courses seems incorrect, please let us know so we can check our training records, since we don’t have an automatic way of updating this.
  5. If you (and / or your gorge leaders) need to, complete the 2023 Sychryd or Mellte Code of Conduct update Courses. Please make sure you login separately to (or create) a ‘personal’ account for this, not your ‘corporate’ one, since we need to record course completion against individuals, not businesses / organisations – again, if you’re not sure which account to use, please drop us an e-mail.

NB please don’t update your details on the LoveAdmin system as we’re no longer using this for ‘live’ data and any changes made there may not make it through to the new system…

Any problems, please let us know…

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