Residential Outdoor Education (Wales) Bill Update

Thanks to Paul Donovan for this (disappointing) update:

“You may be aware that there was a debate in the Senedd yesterday regarding the Residential Outdoor Education (Wales) Bill, followed by a vote to progress it to the next stage. Unfortunately, the vote on the Bill sadly lost by 26 votes to 25. A great disappointment to us all I’m sure! The hard work and campaigning over the last 18 months has certainly raised the profile of the outdoor sector in Wales, which is a positive we can all take away from this. Many thanks to you all for supporting this work. It would also appear that all is not lost! The debate made reference to a document in which a non-legislation approach is being looked at. The document focuses on six development points for outdoor learning which relate to some of the key asks of the proposed Bill. I know that Sam [Rowlands MS] is currently working with Welsh Government officials and the Cabinet Secretary on these points and I’m sure we will know more in due course.”

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