Important Changes to Gorge Arrangements, August 2020: (1) Providers must have “Good to Go” certification from 8 Aug

From 8 August, all Providers operating in the Dinas / Sychryd and Mellte gorges under the SWOAPG Concordat with NRW must become certificated with “We’re Good to Go”. This condition is being applied by NRW and BBNPA, who wish to ensure that groups fully understand the evolving Covid recovery situation and its implications for their … Read more

Important Changes to Gorge Arrangements, August 2020: (2) Riverside path from Loonies’ Leap to Dinas Rock now available for group use

Further to our recent reminder that gorge-walking groups should not use the private lane between Loonies’ Leap / the Gunpowder Works and Pontneddfechan Village Hall, we are delighted to report that NRW will now permit groups to use the path on river-left from the lower Mellte footbridge (near SN915081) to Dinas Rock car park, subject to … Read more

Glasbury-Hay paddlesport ‘arrangement’

Following the concerns raised by fisheries owners over recent years, the Wye and Usk Foundation last year set about negotiating an ‘arrangement’ for paddlesport between Glasbury & Hay. This ‘arrangement’ has now been published on the WUF website. In summary, land- and fisheries-owners have agreed to ‘permit’ continued paddling providing that: Departure below the bridge … Read more