Theft at Ogof Clogwyn

This report from one of our Providers: “We had groups at Clogwyn today. When they came out of the Cave their rope and some safety kit had been stolen.” The handline (joined 50m & 30m black ropes) was removed from situ; and 14 twistlock HMS carabiners taken. Please be on the lookout if you see … Read more

Diesel odour in Sychryd at Cascades?

We have received the following message from NRW: “Had a report today from an activity provider of a strong odour that made them feel unwell. Nothing obvious in water and another group of adults in water that hadn’t noticed but if anyone feels there is a big problem could they contact Environment Team South Powys: … Read more

Emergency Closure of footpath 15 on the Elidyr trail, Nedd Fechan riverside footpath

We have received the following message from Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority: “We had to put in place yesterday an emergency footpath closure, please see attached map notifications for reference. Unfortunately, one of NRW’s trees has uprooted, fallen across the footpath and struck one of the bridges on the footpath, causing lots of damage to the … Read more

New bolts in Will’s Hole

The Cambrian Caving Council team have recently installed new P bolts for ladder and SRT in Will’s Hole (the cave in the Sychryd gorge), replacing the old 8mm spits. As of 2nd FEBRUARY they will have cured and be safe to use (although there is some tidying up still to be done to remove excess … Read more

Trees in Porth yr Ogof

Following recent rain, the LARGE tree-trunk that was outside the entrance to Porth yr Ogof has now been swept inside and is forming a blockage on river-left in the main chamber (which means the entire width of the river is now obstructed). It’s currently possible to clamber over this tree, but more rain will likely … Read more

Hazard on River Usk below Talybont

The suspension footbridge across the Usk downstream of the Talybont access point (upstream of Mill Falls; about 100m upstream of the NRW gauging station) has recently collapsed – after many years of looking in a sorry state – and is currently forming a river-wide strainer. It appears to be possible to portage (at low levels, … Read more

REMINDER of forthcoming SWOAPG events: Dinas climbing workshop, AGM & PyO Workshop

Please book now if you’re interested in the following events. Click on the links for more details & bookings: 20 Jan 2024 Climbing & Abseiling at Dinas Rock, a practical workshop, 9.30am-1pm, facilitated by Matt Woodfield, looking at how participating organisations can demonstrate safe practice when using the left side of the slab at Dinas … Read more