Usk Reservoir – Southern access point ‘open’ again for Passport holders

Following several years when the gate has been locked on the access track to the southern access point on Usk Reservoir, we now have the combination code to the lock, which is available on request to Reservoir Passport holders from HOWEVER, users should note that the track is in poor condition, with a significant ‘step’ just before the gate, accessible to high vehicles (e.g. 4x4s) but probably not to cars; and not to transit vans with low tow hitches – and it floods when the reservoir is full! For those stopping before the gate, there is limited parking space (for 2-3 vehicles) beside the track just before the gate, which is a few hundred metres from the launch point (and the larger parking / turning area). Dwr Cymru Welsh Water has asked us to pass on the following message:

“If you plan to take your equipment down the track we advise that they should be fairly high clearance (not cars) and ask that you lock the gate behind you. It is advised that if you attempt to use the track each individual user will need to risk assess the whole length of it prior to use due to the erosion and the presence of a channel on the track that can fill if the reservoir is on overflow, you may want to assess the depth before taking any vehicle down the track. We would [still] advise using the north launch point near the dam – we will leave you to decide if it is safe to do so with the weather conditions etc.”

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