Filming at Blaen y Glyn 20-24 June

We have been notified by the BBC that they plan to be filming at Blaen y Glyn Upper car park next Thursday (20th), a Welsh water layby on Friday (21st) and finishing at Blaen y Glyn Upper car park at the end of Friday.

On Monday 24th from around 8.30am until around 5.30pm they will be filming at the base of the lower waterfall at Blaen y Glyn, with around 30 crew and cast, plus quad bikes / mules and trailers, filming a murder scene at the waterfall (!).

Providers might therefore wish to avoid in particular the Lower Blaen y Glyn area on Mon 24th (unless you’d rather watch the filming than get into the gorge!).

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  1. My family and I were in the area and witnessed the BBC crew. We would love to watch the finished production. Does anyone know what it is called?


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