Sychryd Gorge access update from 31 Jan: river-left landowner

The owner of the land river-left of the Sychryd gorge upstream of the road bridges (including the ‘worm-hole’ and the river-left half of the top waterfall jump) has advised us that “we have tried to interact with your groups but only two of your members have been willing to [work constructively with us]…so from 31 January 2023 only [these two providers] will be allowed access to our land, anyone else that wants access will need to pay £30 per visit. Anyone who doesn’t want to pay and [is] found to be on our land will be asked to leave with their group.”

We are seeking clarification from the landowner as to whether this applies to all groups or whether he is still content for educational and family groups to cross and jump from the top waterfall, as he previously advised.

It appears that the landowner is perfectly willing to permit access to providers who engage and work constructively with him so providers wishing to access river-left should consider contacting him to discuss options. Contact details are online from us or at Waterfall Country Pods.

If providers do find themselves challenged for trespassing river-left in the gorge, they should respond calmly and politely, move their group back to the right-hand side by the shortest route possible and avoid returning to the left-hand side – and please let us know at so we can continue to monitor and advise on the situation. As usual, you are subjected to verbal or physical abuse you may wish to report this to the police supported with video evidence if appropriate.

1 thought on “Sychryd Gorge access update from 31 Jan: river-left landowner”

  1. Steve thank you for your post.
    We have never been rude or verbal to any of your groups. In fact when we first purchased the land both my 15year old son and myself was sworn at by…a company…and [called] a liar in front of my son. We have tried to work with your groups and ask them for pictures only to be told that the pictures they have are their Property. So as your groups say the land is our property.


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