An important survey for providers of residential Outdoor Education opportunities

As you will all be aware, a proposal for an Outdoor Education (Wales) Bill is under development by Sam Rowlands MS. The Bill will be presented to the Senedd later this year, where it will be scrutinised and decided as to whether it becomes law. The purpose of the Bill is to establish a statutory duty on local authorities to ensure that all young people receiving maintained education are provided with the opportunity to experience residential Outdoor Education, for at least one week, at some stage during their school years. The Bill will also establish a statutory obligation for providers of maintained education to be allocated funding to enable them to do this.

As a sector, we are keen to fully understand the capacity of residential provision of outdoor education opportunities in Wales. We should therefore be grateful if all providers of residential outdoor education opportunities could complete the survey below. The aim is to provide relevant data to clearly demonstrate the sector’s capacity and further support the proposed Bill should it become law. The deadline for survey submissions is 1st February 2023

NB. The survey is available in English and Welsh. You will be able to make your choice of language once you have clicked on the link.

Survey Link:

For additional information, the Outdoor Education (Wales) Bill Explanatory Memorandum can be found here.

Many thanks for your continued support on this matter.

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