Supporting Members’ return to activities: poll to find best time for an interactive workshop

Our recent survey on how best we might support SWOAPG Members as they start returning to activities following lock-down (see attached summary) showed that:

  • Providers are by-and-large finding their way through the maze of guidance, but would find additional support from SWOAPG useful;
  • A simple ‘guide to the guidance’ – together with venue-specific guidance – would be most useful;
  • Interactive workshop(s) to share experiences would be ‘quite useful’; and
  • An information or booking system for popular venues would not seem to be useful at this time.

We will therefore be looking to put on an interactive workshop in the next couple of weeks for Providers, to ‘sign-post’ the current guidance to you and to share your experiences. We would welcome indications from Members on this Doodle Poll (by Wed 5 July, please) of when would be the best time to hold this.

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