Important Changes to Gorge Arrangements, August 2020: (2) Riverside path from Loonies’ Leap to Dinas Rock now available for group use

Further to our recent reminder that gorge-walking groups should not use the private lane between Loonies’ Leap / the Gunpowder Works and Pontneddfechan Village Hall, we are delighted to report that NRW will now permit groups to use the path on river-left from the lower Mellte footbridge (near SN915081) to Dinas Rock car park, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The path on river-left between the two footbridges is still out-of-bounds: use the river-right path for this stretch, then cross the lower footbridge and continue on river-left towards the car park.
  2. The path is to be used one-way only (from the bridge to the car park).
  3. Providers must familiarise themselves with the areas where there are sensitive plants – see the attached map and photographs. Groups must not enter or cause damage to these sensitive areas (damage in the SSSI could lead to prosecution).
  4. Groups must walk in single-file, stick to the worn route and not try to overtake other groups.
  5. NRW will monitor this arrangement to see if it has an effect on the species highlighted.

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