Important Changes to Gorge Arrangements, August 2020: (1) Providers must have “Good to Go” certification from 8 Aug

From 8 August, all Providers operating in the Dinas / Sychryd and Mellte gorges under the SWOAPG Concordat with NRW must become certificated with “We’re Good to Go”. This condition is being applied by NRW and BBNPA, who wish to ensure that groups fully understand the evolving Covid recovery situation and its implications for their organisation and clients.

All Providers using the Gorges should therefore confirm by e-mail to the SWOAPG Coordinator that they have achieved the “We’re Good to Go” certification in order to maintain their ‘sign-up’ to the Concordat beyond 8 August.

“We’re Good to Go” is an official UK standard that states that a tourism-type business is following guidelines in terms of Covid-19. Businesses / organisations are required to complete an online self-assessment, including a checklist confirming that they have put the necessary processes in place, before receiving certification and the “We’re Good to Go” mark for display. Thousands of businesses across the UK have completed the self-assessment, it’s free, takes about 20 minutes and is open to all businesses.

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