Dipper Nest on Sychryd – update

Thanks to Lee Garbett of Quest Adventures for the following update, further to our message earlier this week (Sychryd Gorge – please avoid bridge traverse below Bwa Maen to protect nesting dippers):

“I have managed to get on site today to construct a temporary protective frontage for the Dipper nest. The construction is composed of poly-carbonate protective front shield to the nest with access hole and secured with packing, dirt, mud, and vegetation. Hopefully this should protect the nest in the short term, I shall be looking at constructing a more secure and sustainable system for the nest to hopefully protect the nest for the long term future of the pairing and offspring. It’s [still] very important we try not to disturb the nest over the coming weeks as it is breeding season and I am hoping the nest will produce several hatchling for the dippers to establish themselves on this lower part of the Sychryd. I have attached pictures of the protective covering, Ill keep you up to date with our observations and any changes on the situation.”

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