Clarification on how the latest Welsh Government Covid statement affects Outdoor Providers

We’re still awaiting clarification from the Welsh Government on when outdoor ‘group activity’ for adults (larger than 4 people from 2 households!) will be permitted – although we have been advised that “from 27 March (to be confirmed) the intention is to allow organised outdoor activities to support the development and wellbeing of children” – so that might at least give outdoor providers some idea of a date to start working towards…

We have also received the following clarifications relating to activity groups under the current rules:

“There are no restrictions on [which] outdoor activities [you can undertake] (hiking, kayaking, etc.)
“You will need to adhere to the stay local rules. Gatherings are limited to a maximum of four adults from two households. Children under 11 and carers do not count towards this limit. There must be no indoors mixing and social distancing should be followed.
“The instructor forms one household so he/she can only gather with one other household so it’s a maximum of 4 individual including the instructor.
“It is possible to have multiple groups of four adults (including the instructor) to take part in activities simultaneously if groups can be kept totally separate and sessions managed safely.”

It would also appear that staff training (including familiarisation visits etc.) is now permissible in areas further afield than ‘local’ – subject to any different advice from National Governing Bodies and the like. Although we haven’t seen anything definitive on this, a conversation with a member of Sport Wales staff has confirmed that this is permitted since it would be classed as work rather than recreation.

We hope that this – together with the re-opening of the Central Brecon Beacons – will now enable a few more outdoor providers / staff to start getting back into the outdoors for re-familiarisation, personal / professional training (e.g. to address ‘skill-fade’) and perhaps even coaching with local family groups – and to start planning for group activity from Easter onwards…

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