Sychryd Gorge Waterfall Jump

We have received reports of the landowner on river-left at the top-end of the Sychryd objecting to groups jumping from the lower ledge of the top waterfall (i.e. the ledge used to crawl behind the waterfall). Although he has specifically told SWOAPG that he does not wish groups to jump from his land across the bridge (as we’ve reported previously), we had not interpreted this to mean that groups should not also jump from the ‘usual’ ledge, which is below where he has installed the new signs ‘prohibiting’ jumping. SWOAPG has always taken the view that the ledge should be considered to be ‘in the watercourse’ and we have not received any specific objection to groups jumping from there. However, in the light of these reports, Providers should be aware that they might now be accused of trespassing by the landowner if jumping from ‘his’ half on river-left of the waterfall ledge. We’d be grateful if you could report any incidents to us so we can keep tabs on the situation and let you know how things develop.

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