Sychryd Gorge – reminder that there is NO access to river-left bank for gorge-walkers

SWOAPG has recently been contacted by the new owners of Pen Cae Drain Farm, which includes all the land on river-left of the Sychryd upstream of the stone bridge near the car park as far as (and beyond) the footbridge at the upper waterfalls. They have asked us to remind our Members that neither they nor the previous owners have ever given permission for groups to use their land e.g. for jumping into the waterfalls from the top of the bank.

Reminder: the left bank of the Sychryd is not covered by our Concordat with NRW and any groups going on to the left bank upstream of the stone bridge without the permission of the owner will be trespassing and may therefore be invalidating their insurance.

NB any Providers who had direct agreements or permission from the owner of the left bank should now review their arrangements in light of the change of ownership.

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