Sychryd Gorge Hazard / Dinas Rock Car Park Litter

We have been advised by Black Mountain Activities of a loose rock at the ‘exposed step’ on the path hat traverses above the ‘Ivy Pool’ in the Sychryd Gorge – which will collapse if weight or force is applied, increasing the ‘confident step’ that clients will have to make to pass it. Providers should make their own risk assessments on using this section of the path and consider making use of the nearby anchor points for a traverse line or to secure instructors ‘spotting’ this move (see our earlier post on Sychryd Gorge: anchor points above the Ivy Pool).

Black Mountain staff also spent a considerable time recently clearing litter from the Dinas Rock car park and changing screens – at least some of which was left by groups using the area (as well as the general public). And Call of the Wild staff discovered that the male changing screens had also been used as a toilet (not just a urinal) on Saturday… All litter-clearing efforts by providers are greatly appreciated and we would encourage you all to continue this where practicable – but if we could all make EXTRA EFFORT to clear up after our own groups that would help to reduce the problem in the first place. Thanks!

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