SWOAPG Membership Subscriptions

Many thanks to the one-third of SWOAPG Members who have already paid your annual subscriptions – this will already provide us with enough income to keep our Coordinator on-hand for the time-being.

We do appreciate that we are asking for subscriptions at a time when many of you may already be struggling financially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, so:

  • We will continue to send reminder notices and welcome payment from those who are able, but will not ‘downgrade’ anyone’s membership if they are unable to pay before the end of May at least.
  • All existing Members (paid-up in 2019) will continue to be listed as Members on our website and will continue to receive all communications from us and have access to any workshops we organise (although we do not expect to be running any face-to-face workshops ourselves in the current climate!).
  • However, only those Full Members who have paid their 2020 fees will
    1. be deemed to have signed-up to our Concordat with NRW and to have access to the gorges from 1 April; and
    2. have their details listed as Technical Advisers (where appropriate).

We hope this will at least go a small way to helping some of you out. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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