Save Outdoor Education Campaign – Muddy Puddle Challenge

A note from the #SaveOutdoorEd campaign…

“Just to remind you about our #MuddyPuddleChallenge that we’re running to support the #SaveOutdoorEd campaign and encourage people outside the industry to sign our petition.

We’d really appreciate if you could post a pic or video of yourself and/or kids jumping around in muddy puddles with the following caption. The most important part is to tag people in to keep spreading the word.

Caption below:

#muddypuddlechallenge accepted!

Join in with our mission to help save Outdoor Education by embracing your inner child and taking part in our Muddy Puddle Challenge!

  • Post a picture or video of your best muddy puddle splash/adventure – create your own puddle if you need to.
  • Sign the petition to help financially support outdoor education in the UK –
  • Share these steps in your caption, use the hashtag #muddypuddlechallenge and nominate three friends to take on the splash!

I was challenged by ………. I challenge ………3 friends.

Many thanks, happy splashing!”

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