SWOAPG Membership Renewals – and Gorge Access / Training Arrangements

We will be sending SWOAPG Membership renewals in the next couple of weeks, with payment due by 31 March if you wish to maintain uninterrupted membership…

This year we will be making a small change to our arrangements for gorge-walking access in Waterfall Country. Instead of asking Providers to confirm that they have completed SWOAPG Code of Conduct Training, no matter how long ago, we will be asking you to confirm that you have recently reviewed our Code of Conduct training resources (or will do so before you next use the gorge/s) and that you will ensure that all your gorge-walking leaders do the same.

Anyone who has attended our Code of Conduct training in the last year or so will be deemed to have already met this requirement; and we intend to update our training resources and make these available via our website in the very near future so that everyone else can easily meet this revised requirement – hopefully by 31 March and definitely no later than when group activity is once again permitted by lockdown measures (we had hoped to make these available by now, but Steve has been diverted this month to a variety of other tasks relating to the Welsh Government’s access reform programme – sorry!). Watch this space for further news on this…

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