River Wye Glasbury-Hay – update on launching prohibition at Glasbury Bont

We have received the following information from Powys County Council, confirming that there is currently no permission to launch craft at Glasbury Bont until further notice – hopefully this will be resolved in the next 2 weeks…

“Unfortunately, the developments that led to [this prohibition] are very recent, which left us very little time to respond, so we apologise for the lack of warning.

“The situation in relation to renewing the launch consent [which Powys CC requires from NRW] is complex, as the canoe launch arrangements have been under review and there have been ongoing developments since last summer. However, it has now been possible to request a renewal of the launch consent from Natural Resources Wales; we await their advice, which we understand will be provided by the 19th April. Once we have that, we will be able to update you.

“We have been informed by Natural Resources Wales that in the meantime, we must take steps to prevent canoe launching from the common. With very little time before the upcoming Bank Holiday, we needed to give priority last week to placing notices on site, to advise those using the common over the weekend that they must not launch boats. We will be writing to canoe operators, Community Councils and other stakeholders this week to let them know about this.”

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