Provider-led Caving with Covid-19

The Outdoor Alliance Wales and BCA Qualifications Management Committee have been trying (unsuccessfully!) for several weeks to get a definitive answer from the Welsh Government as to whether / under what circumstances Provider-led caving is currently permitted in Wales, since it is not explicitly covered by the Covid regulations and guidance.  The latest information we have from BCA confirms that it’s still not clear whether the WG regulations and guidance do permit public trips in caves by more than a single household (since they could be regarded as ‘indoor’ environments). The Welsh Government has, however, confirmed that caving events where all participants are ‘at work’ (e.g. staff training) are permitted, as long as reasonable precautions are taken to prevent transmission.

This situation is clearly unsatisfactory and the BCA is continuing to press the Welsh Government for a definitive answer. In the meantime, Providers will need to make their own judgements on whether to go ahead with caving trips, treating them similarly to other ‘outdoor’ activities.


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