Powys Physical Activity Survey

SWOAPG Members and subscribers resident in Powys might like to complete the County Council’s online survey ‘It’s Your Move’, to explore what you think about physical activity; what helps you to be physically active, and what holds you back.

All completed surveys are eligible to enter a free prize draw to win a high street voucher worth either £75, £50 or £25!

Survey links (closing date 9 Sep)

Welsh: https://www.dweudeichdweudpowys.cymru/mae-eich-barn-yn-cyfrif

English: https://www.haveyoursaypowys.wales/its-your-move

Social media posts

Twitter Welsh: https://twitter.com/CSPowys/status/1543203042652192768?t=0g7YHri10WkSyS9poSwUAg&s=19

Twitter English: https://twitter.com/PowysCC/status/1543203043084206081?t=H00-QsBfckuWGV1N-l_toA&s=19

Facebook Welsh: https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=403469121810482&set=a.306478838176178

Facebook English: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=399499232208963&set=a.304530008372553

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