Pontsticill Water Discharge affecting Taf Fechan (and possibly local caves) 28-30 Oct

We have received notification from Dwr Cymru Welsh Water that “Due to a water quality failure at Pontsticill Water Treatment Works, Welsh Water are expected to be discharging dechlorinated water to the Taf Fechan. TOTAL volume to be drained 5400m3 over a 72hour period. 62.5 l/sec [0.06 cumec] for 8-hour periods Friday, Saturday and Sunday 28, 29th,30th October respectively.”

Although for the paddlers among us this may seem like a very low flow rate, Natural Resources Wales have suggested that this is “a significant water discharge…and they wished all cavers to be aware of the potential for very high-water levels in the area.”

So be careful out there!!

A map of the area is attached showing the cave sites in the area (white circles) which could be affected.  Thank you to Gary Evans for providing this information.

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