Flexible Skills Programme still available (funding 50% of Training)

Thanks to Paul Renfro of Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group for this reminder, which might be of interest to some SWOAPG Members:

“I wanted to highlight that the Flexible Skills Programme, is still available for the Tourism and Hospitality Skills (This programme is designed to provide funding support to Wales-based businesses that wish to upskill their workforce in the tourism and hospitality sectors.) It can provide 50% support for a variety of training including NGB qualifications, currently all funding would need to be agreed and spent by the end of March 31st 2023.

“Funding is available to support employees of Wales-based tourism and hospitality businesses to attend training courses that are relevant to the sector.  This can include face-to-face, or online training.  The maximum contribution expected from the Welsh Government is £25,000.  There is no requirement to use any particular training company – the applicant may choose any certified training provider – but any supported training on this programme must either be accredited or to a recognised industry standard.”

I have highlighted to the WG Wales Tourism and Hospitality Skills Partnership that this is one of the more appropriate opportunities to support skills with the Adventure Activity Sector, and that it would be helpful to continue it past the end of this financial year.  That being said what means more would be a higher uptake of businesses using the support.  So I would encourage you to share the opportunity to businesses in your areas.”


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