Pontsticill Reservoir – courtesy toward anglers

We have been asked to pass on to all Pontsticill paddlers the message below from the Director of Merthyr Tydfil Angling Alliance – please note (esp. the point about ‘keeping out of the bays’) and make every effort to maintain good relations with the anglers, who have as much right to enjoy their activity as we do – thanks!

“I am bringing this to your attention because our Facebook page is full of comments on the number of times that paddle boards and other craft come so close to anglers. Over the years I have been involved with Pontsticill and all the various groups, there has always been an unwritten code of keeping a reasonable distance from anglers fishing. It has always been [understood] that watercraft would keep out of the bays unless there is an emergency and due to health and safety keep at least 50 metres from anglers fishing. There is also a serious side to this as anglers do use 4 ounce leads when casting.
If you can bring this to the attention of your [users] we would be most grateful.”

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