Pontneddfechan – Loonies Leap Access Reminder

This is just a quick reminder that the access lane between Pontneddfechan Village Hall and Loonies’ Leap is still CLOSED TO GORGE-WALKING GROUPS since the owner withdrew permission for gorge-walkers to use this route.

Some Providers still appear to be using the lane, which means they are (a) trespassing and (b) risking the reputation of all South Wales Activity Providers.

Natural Resources Wales (the south-bank landowner) has not changed its advice that all groups should return to Dinas Rock car park from Loonies’ Leap over the top of the hill, to avoid damage to other paths.

We understand that this is extremely inconvenient, but would appreciate all Providers complying with this advice until further notice so that we all continue to be welcome in this sensitive area.

We will publish further messages if the situation changes…

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