Parking at Pencelli Canal Basin

SWOAPG has been advised that one or two providers have recently been leaving trailers and minibuses in the parking / slipway area at Pencelli Canal Basin for the duration of their visit and making access difficult for other users.

Most groups using this venue already unload / re-load as quickly as possible and park their vehicles and trailers in the layby opposite the Pencelli Castle campsite entrance, where there is plenty of room.

It would be appreciated if all Providers could use this approach whenever possible to minimise disruption and maximise access at this fantastic access point.

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Parking at Pencelli Canal Basin”

  1. Then please add proper signs. I was lucky today pulling my boat out for work if I had turned up 5 mins later a car had parked across the slip way who told me he was just about to head off on a walk for a few hours!!!!
    This is unacceptable when I travelled 2 hours to pull my boat out!
    This time I was lucky and maybe next time I wouldn’t have been so polite about it.
    Better signs are needed in that area!!

    • Thanks for your comment, Louis. Very sorry to hear your experience: this is exactly the sort of occurrence our Members are trying to avoid causing by parking trailers and minibuses etc. elsewhere, but as you say the public aren’t always aware of the potential impact of their own actions! I’ll pass your comments on to the Canal & Rivers Trust who are responsible for the slipway.


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