Ogof Clogwyn Painted Signs

Thanks to Gary Evans for the following information:

“On 25th August, NRW visited the Ogof Clogwyn access path and painted Load ratings onto the rock at the Anchor Bolts – see attached photos. The NRW Site Manager explained that it had come up as a requirement during an internal Health & Safety review of the site and he had been tasked with doing this. It was discussed that:

  1. This was rather unsightly and rather spoiled the natural environment here
  2. The 6kN Labelling was misleading. Whilst this may be the load rating to which they had recently tested the Anchors, they are actually rated to 18kN. Additionally, the test rating is only a snapshot that is accurate on the day of test.

These points were heard, but ultimately NRW’s position is that their review makes the signage a requirement. The discussion was amicable and it was re-iterated that we appreciate our continued access to Ogof Clogwyn through the use of the Anchor Bolts for Traverse Lines.”

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