Lost Property for Charities

SWOAPG has received the following request from Barbara Lloyd, Chair of Glasbury and District Community Council – please contact her if you have ‘lost’ or surplus equipment that might be of value to charities:

“I have been collecting lost property to sort out/launder and give to charities- Huggard for homeless people, Care for Calais for asylum seekers and Bellfield J School in Birmingham. The people it goes to all have very little and lost property can be a great resource. Small tents and sleeping bags are really needed in  Calais. It’s a win/win – with a bit of my effort. Lost property is a good source as it is modern, good quality and good condition. Usually! I can’t use damaged, stuck with chewing gum and odd shoes as there is no use for them! You can contact me on 01497 847856 or 07975 845666.”

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