Advance Notice – Members’ Meeting to discuss SWOAPG’s role with Glasbury-Hay canoeing access

As soon as we can find a suitable date, SWOAPG intends to hold an (online) Extraordinary General Meeting of its Members in the near future to discuss SWOAPG’s role with Glasbury-Hay canoeing access. Before we proceed much further in discussions with Powys County Council, Hay Town Council and other groups dealing with this issue, we need to know whether this is something that our Members want us to be involved with!

Key questions might be:

  • Should SWOAPG be actively involved in trying to secure sustainable canoeing access from Glasbury-Hay? Or play a role more as ‘observers’ while letting others attempt to sort things out between them?
  • Would Members wish SWOAPG to pursue a Concordat-type arrangement for launching at Glasbury Bont (if Powys will fund its setup)?
  • Should SWOAPG continue to engage with Hay Town Council?
  • How should SWOAPG engage with other groups such as the proposed “Wye Alliance”?
  • Are Members prepared for SWOAPG to commit resources to this engagement? And/or are any Members willing to join a volunteer Working Group to take action forward?

We hope that all our Members who actively use this stretch of the river will be able to attend the meeting, so please do watch this space for a date – but in the meantime, if you would like to attend; or if you have any views on the questions above, please do let us know via

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