Important Reminder to all Dinas & Mellte Gorge Users!

Now that the gorges are ‘re-open for business’, this is just a reminder that gorge-walking groups using Dinas / Sychryd and Mellte gorges:

  1. are not to use the private lane from Pontneddfechan towards the gunpowder works, but to access Loonies’ Leap either over the hilltop from Dinas Rock or returning to the car park using the riverside path from the lower footbridge on the left bank in accordance with NRW’s usage conditions (the landowner has reported a group to us that was trespassing on her land at 1pm on 26 July, thankfully the first such incident reported in a whole year);
  2. must be paid-up SWOAPG Full Members and must display their blue 2020 gorge ID cards in both vehicles and on their leaders’ persons (please contact us if you haven’t received your cards for 2020);
  3. must comply with the terms of the NRW / SWOAPG access arrangements for Dinas and Mellte; and
  4. must comply with Welsh Government Covid regulations and guidance for outdoor activity and, from 8 Aug, have achieved the “We’re Good to Go” certification.

Gorge-walking groups in this area who not complying with the NRW / SWOAPG arrangements (or any other private arrangement they have made with NRW) are trespassing and could find their insurance invalid. You have been warned!

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