Gorge Code of Conduct Training – Reminder & User Guide

We have just e-mailed a second batch of personalised certificates to those of you who have completed SWOAPG’s new online training (required this year for anyone leading groups in the Sychryd and Mellte gorges), which you can use to prove to employers that you have completed the training. We will keep sending these out on a regular basis as people continue to complete the training.

If you have not received a certificate, but you think you should have done, it might be because you have either:

  1. not undertaken both the Introduction to the Codes of Conduct for Gorge-Walking in Waterfall Country course AND the individual course(s) for Using the Sychryd & Lower Mellte Gorges and/or Using the Upper Mellte Gorge; or
  2. not passed the quizzes in each individual course; or
  3. not ticked ALL the ‘Complete Lesson’ boxes on each page of the course AND the ‘Complete Course’ button the course home page.

We understand that our Learning Management System doesn’t make it easy to ‘tick all the boxes’, so we’ve produced the attached ‘User Guide’ which might help you resolve any of the problems listed above.

You can access all the courses via this link: Courses – South Wales Outdoor Activity Providers Group, just create a new account if you haven’t already been on our learning system (NB this is NOT the same login as our Membership system – sorry, we’re not that clever!).

If none of this works for you, please contact coordinator@swoapg.com for advice or assistance!

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