Access to Loonies’ Leap – landslide update

We’ve received the following update from Brecon Beacons National Park Authority – which although confirming that the access track to Loonies’ Leap is scheduled for repair, doesn’t actually commit to a timescale! We have asked NRW once again whether we can use the river-left path between the footbridges temporarily while the river-right track is closed, but still haven’t had a positive response on this. So, for the time being, please could all groups continue to use the path over the hill fort from Dinas Rock car park as the only access to and from Loonies’ Leap until further notice – we know this is a real pain but appreciate everyone bearing with it…

“As you know the NPA had a report written after the landslip which stated that there was a great risk to the Authority of another landslip at the same site, and this is why the route was closed off. We are slowly moving towards a possible solution to the landslip with civil engineers actively researching stone stability of the stone revealed, but until the engineers have completed the plan and told us that the route is safe we cannot reopen the route.”

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