Access for gorge walkers CLOSED at Pontneddfechan Village Hall

Following Friday’s incident when a group of gorge walkers swore at a pair of nurses, the owner of the lane from Pontneddfechan Village Hall towards Loonies’ Leap has told us (and the local police) that gorge walkers are no longer welcome on her land. We therefore ask all providers to respect her decision and, with immediate effect, to stop using her private track to access the village hall from Loonies’ Leap (and vice versa). Since NRW has also advised us that groups should not use the path on river left, to avoid damaging rare plant species, groups should from now on access Loonies’ ONLY over the top of the hill from Dinas Rock. The police have advised us that the owner has installed CCTV on her property and that any gorge waking groups using the private lane would now be committing the civil offence of trespass. We will continue to liaise with BBNPA and the owner in the hope that access can be restored. In the meantime, if anyone had any information about the group involved in Friday’s incident, please let us know so that the police can contact them. 

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