Welsh Government reminder of Covid-19 guidance for outdoor activities

In response to a letter we wrote to the First Minister in June, SWOAPG has (at last!) received the attached response from the Welsh Government.

This reminds us that “the operators of [outdoor sport and leisure] facilities must take all reasonable measures to manage risk and maintain physical distancing“; and goes on to explain that “the purpose of requiring all reasonable measures to be taken to maintain 2 metres distance between people is to minimise the risk of exposure to the coronavirus. In terms of 2 metres, that remains the default position but it is recognised that in some circumstances, that will not be possible but everything possible should be done to implement mitigating measures.”

It also states that “our package of [financial] support to the [tourism and hospitality] industry is the most generous in the UK, particularly through our bespoke Economic Resilience Fund. However, we are aware of some funding gaps…this next phase will reach businesses that have yet to receive funding, but we know it won’t reach all [so] we are proactively working with our partners on further options.

The response also refers to the following further guidance:

  • Reasonable Measures to Minimise the Risk of Exposure to Coronavirus in Workplaces and Premises Open to the Public
  • Guidance on Sport and Outdoor Activity
  • Guidance for Tourism and Hospitality Businesses
  • Covid-19 Support for Business

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