Forthcoming SWOAPG Workshops – Mellte Code of Conduct Training & Covid-19 Sharing Good Practice

Watch this space (or e-mail the SWOAPG Coordinator) for more information about…

  1. Upper Mellte Code of Conduct Training – online Zoom session, Mon 14 Sep 10am
    • for all Providers / Instructors who use the Upper Mellte for gorge-walking / canyoning and who haven’t previously attended this training, or would like a refresher on the ‘rules’ for using this gorge within the NRW / SWOAPG Concordat.
  2. Activities and Covid-19: Workshops for Providers and Instructors to Share Good Practice (coming soon – dates to be confirmed):
    1. an online Zoom workshop covering issues common to all activities; and
    2. practical workshops covering specific activities including caving, gorge-walking and paddlesport.

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