“Waterfalls Country” Update: Cwm Porth one-way system

Following concerns expressed by some SWOAPG Members about the advisory one-way system at Cwm Porth, the National Park Authority has provided the following additional information:

"The advisory one way system was intended to enable better flow of traffic in the Ystradfellte/ Cwm Porth/ Gwaun Hepste triangle during the recent bank holiday and school holiday peak periods.

"We understand from BBNPA Wardens, local Police and others that it has made a positive impact and with the other measures we’ve put in place, helped to unlock the area – as much for the benefit of local communities as those wishing to visit the falls.

"A decision was taken between BBNPA staff and local Police to leave the signs in situ for the summer period to ease visitor pressure and help direct those who might not be comfortable with passing on narrow lanes or have visited the area previously.

"We understand the concerns raised by your members and would ask if they would continue to follow the advisory system when the area is seen to be busy and most certainly during weekends and bank holidays.

"We would not expect them to follow the signs when the area is quiet but would ask them to apply discretion as to when they may do so, we will continue to monitor the situation and welcome feedback from your members.

"In order to improve the unacceptable conditions at peak times we have had to put these measures in place. We hope that your members will see that this is for the benefit of all stakeholders and residents within the area and we must continue to work together to unlock the road network and improve the experience for all. Your members set the standards for visitors and are ambassadors in a very demanding and public facing role, we hope that to encourage people to follow the system and not revert back to chaotic scenes, members will understand why we have put this in place and support us in this during the summer season.

"So just to clarify, if SWOPAG members should continue to follow the advisory system at weekends, bank holidays and when they see the area being busy but apply their discretion at other times, we very much appreciate your continued support.

"If you have any further feedback or comments from members, we would be happy to discuss."

South Wales Outdoor Activity Providers Group


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