River Wye Obstructions (in England!)

We have received the following information from the Environment Agency, which might be of value to South Wales' Providers who use the River Wye below Hay:

"We’ve been given a likely date of Wed 6th June for the work to be carried out on the island at Monnington Falls by Monnington Court. The obstruction is in the river channel on left by the island at SO 375 428 Bycross.

"Please also be aware that we’ve received unsubstantiated reports in Belmont, Hereford and Eign suggesting that some large fallen tree obstructions are presenting a hazard. I’ve today walked along the banks upstream from Asda and down by Eign depot. I queried some instructor-led groups who hadn’t seen anything of note as they passed thru’ Hereford so please be alert to the potential for hazards and send in photos if you see anything which might need removal or briefing to your customers about."

South Wales Outdoor Activity Providers Group

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