Waterfall Country Gorges Code of Conduct Training

This is just a gentle reminder…

…that all gorge-walking leaders (not just one person from each provider organisation) must have completed SWOAPG’s online Concordat training before leading groups in the Waterfall Country gorges this year.

The training can be accessed at: Courses – South Wales Outdoor Activity Providers Group (start with the ‘Introduction’ course before undertaking the individual gorge courses). Each individual leader will need to create an account when asked to login – these are not the same as Providers’ existing SWOAPG membership accounts. Some helpful guidance on completing the courses is in the following document: SWOAPG Online Training Courses User Guide.

Everyone who has completed the training should have received a gorge-specific certificate (unless they’ve only completed it very recently), which they can use to prove completion to their employers – or the SWOAPG Coordinator can confirm on request which course(s) individuals have completed: coordinator@swoapg.com.

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