Trees in Sychryd Gorge

Many of you will already have seen Facebook posts showing tress and other debris in the Sychryd gorge. Here’s the latest report from Katie Lloyd of Princes’ Trust:

“We’ve been in the Sychryd today [Tue 3 Mar]. Pools are all clear with the exception of the top pool. The tree on river left is still there. Managed to get down on to it but couldn’t move it without putting myself at risk!!!! Nothing under the water that we could see or feel. You can still jump from river right. The bottom jump pool is clear but getting on to the ledge is compromised by the tree laying across the river. We cleared quite a bit of debris and 2 trees blocking the flow up near the Sychryd Spa. The log jams at top of the Cascade are firmly wedged. There has been some rock fall making the first climb out quite challenging so I would just have a look at it yourselves before taking a group up there. The other worry is the bridge on Lower Mellte. There’s been a collapse which means you need to stay in the water and float down rather than traverse across. It’s very, very loose under that bridge!!!!”

Thanks to Katie – and everyone else who’s provided updates and assistance with clearance so far…

Be careful out there!

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