Trees in Porth yr Ogof

Following recent rain, the LARGE tree-trunk that was outside the entrance to Porth yr Ogof has now been swept inside and is forming a blockage on river-left in the main chamber (which means the entire width of the river is now obstructed). It’s currently possible to clamber over this tree, but more rain will likely result in debris building up on this new barrier. Other timber boughs have also moved around within the cave. Please take extra care moving in the river near the entrance, especially in higher flows when the blockages will form a hazardous strainer.

BBNPA staff are intending to cut up the worst debris as soon as the river is low enough to allow safe chainsaw operation (they had hoped to do so before the tree was taken inside, but have been thwarted by near-constant rain since November). They will then be looking for volunteers to help remove timber from the cave, so watch this space for updates when this work is underway…

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