Sychryd Gorge / Loonies Leap / Porth yr Ogof Venue Update

Thanks to Storey Arms Centre for providing the following updates:

“A dipper is nesting in one of the holes in the broken bridge [below Bwa Maen in the Sychryd Gorge] so pass with care and respect. See pic below.”

There have been “huge changes [in the structures and the flow] at Loonies’ Leap and we would urge all to inspect this before visiting with their clients. In low water on Friday it was obvious how much this has changed but it would be interesting to see the how the hydraulics would be affected in medium water. It looks as if the main flow could be left of the island now.”

And “an otter was seen in Porth yr Ogof in and near the creek area – think this will be just the start of the re wilding that has occurred during lock down.”

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