SWOAPG Membership Renewals

We are in the process of sending out SWOAPG membership renewal invitations for 2022 – please look out for the e-mail request from our ‘LoveAdmin’ membership system (Full Member renewals are being sent now; Associate Member renewals in due course). Please pay online by ‘GoCardless’ Direct Debit if possible (as this minimises our administrative costs), but do contact coordinator@swoapg.com ASAP if you need to pay by invoice.

NB there are some new 2022 boxes to tick on the membership form for gorge-users. Please don’t miss these out if you intend to use the gorge(s) this year! This includes a requirement for Providers and Gorge Leaders to complete short online training courses covering 2022 updates to the Codes of Conduct for using the gorges; the first of these (covering Dinas Area – Sychryd and Lower Mellte) is available now and the second (covering the Upper Mellte) will follow in due course.

You can login here to renew your membership (if you can’t wait for the renewal e-mail!); and you can access the new training course at: (2022) Update to the Code of Conduct for Gorge-Walking in the Sychryd and Lower Mellte Gorges.

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