Canoe launching & landing at Hay on Wye

Hay Town Council is seeking to agree a ‘code of conduct’ for ‘commercial’ paddlesport operators (including Outdoor Education Centres) using ‘The Gliss’ (the public access point downstream of the bridge on river-right). The code – which is based on the one that Powys CC previously applied at Glasbury Bont – is currently being finalised with input from Providers; and SWOAPG has suggested to the Council that SWOAPG Members should have the option to sign-up to it via tick-boxes on our membership form (in the same way that we do now for the gorges concordat). We’ll let you know how discussions progress, but if any SWOAPG Members would like more detail in the meantime, please contact

PS we’re still waiting to hear from Powys CC whether they’d like us to work with them on agreeing a concordat for canoe launching at Glasbury Bont – we’ll let you know as soon as this moves forward…

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