SWOAPG Membership, Gorges Code of Conduct Training and ID Cards

Many thanks to those of you who have paid your membership renewals; and have made a start on getting your staff through our updated Code of Conduct training course for the Sychryd and Lower Mellte Gorges.

We’ve been rather slower than anticipated in putting together the updated Code of Conduct training course for the Upper Mellte gorge. This will arrive in due course, but unfortunately not in time for staff to have completed it before 1 April!

We intend to start sending out in the next couple of weeks new (green) ID cards for those of you who use only the Sychryd gorge. Those of you who use the Upper Mellte should continue in the meantime to use last year’s (beige) cards until we’ve managed to publish the updated training course and get some of you through it.

Apologies for any inconvenience, if any of you have any questions on membership or Code of Conduct training, please do get in touch with coordinator@swoapg.com.

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