Save Outdoor Education! Please write to your local Senedd Members and MPs

Many of you will be aware of the campaign to ‘Save Outdoor Education’ as a result of school residential trips still being prohibited by the Government under Covid-19 precautions.

WATO has drafted the attached template letter for our Members to use – the more letters that are sent, the more likelihood there is of a change in policy, so please consider sending letters to your local MSs and MPs now to lobby them on this issue!

To use the template letter:

  1. Transfer it onto your own headed paper if possible
  2. Insert your name and address at the top of the letter;
  3. Insert MPs/MSs name and constituency at the top of the letter – you can find their contact details in these lists of Members of Senedd, Members of Parliament in Wales and MP Contact Details;
  4. Delete either MP or MS in paragraph 4, line 1, subject to who the letter is being sent to;
  5. Insert the name of your site/business in paragraph 4, line 1;
  6. insert the region i.e. South East Wales, South West Wales, Powys etc. in paragraph 6, line 2;
  7. Sign and send (preferably by e-mail)!

SWOAPG will also be sending the letter, on behalf of all Providers, to the representatives covering our ‘headquarters’ in Libanus – but only you can influence your own local Members!

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